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It is great pleasure for me to present “Tafheem-ul-Quran Topic Index Project”.

I started this project in 2004 and left uncompleted. In summer 2006, a group of studemts of SZIC, University of Karachi took this project as a FINAL YEAR PROJECT but unfortunately it was still not completed. Last month I again started to complete this project.

It is a very huge project with about 700 topics, 11675 subtopics and more then 28000 page links.

I finally decided to make it live and now I would like to make a humble request to all my brothers and sisters please help me to find the errors and fix them.

There may be a number of errors of BROKEN LINKS or incorrect topic and subtopics and DATA.

I will soon develop a system in which you can report me the errors and I will fix it upon your reporting.
Jazak Allah

13 Jan 2010